Juice Journey: Day Seven


Day seven is here. I have accomplished something I thought was impossible for me to do.

I am so happy that I got to share this with you all, blogging about it made each day easier than the last.

The continuous support from my husband, family and friends were greatly appreciated which made it so much easier, Thank you so much guys! 😀

I am also proud to say that I cooked full meals everyday morning and evening for my husband for the entire seven days without feeling to devour it (Okay, I lied just once :P)

So, to end my juice fast today, I made a fruit juice.

I used Strawberries, Apples, Kiwi, Blueberries. Raspberries, Blackberries, Pineapples with a hint of lime of course.

I really, really enjoyed this! I loved the flavors that I got and the lime added the perfect balance for the drink. TRY IT!

As usual, pictures are posted below.

Look out tomorrow for a more detailed blog of my honest thoughts and feelings about Juicing. Thank you again!!!





Juice Journey: Day 6

Hello friends!

Yes, I know I missed day 5. Reason being that I did one of the recipes over as I didn’t get the chance to purchase my ingredients.

However, this morning I got the chance to visit one of the gourmet shops here. I got my goodies and I am all set for today and tomorrow’s juicing.

So anyway, while doing my research on juicing and recipes. I came across a recipe using Apples, Ginger, Peppermint and Fennel.

Being a fan of Licorice I instantly wanted to try this recipe. Fennel in case you aren’t aware smells just like licorice or anise.

Fennel has similar flavoring compounds as the plant  they extract  juice from to make licorice.

So, enough of that whole back story on Fennel.

The drink was magnificent! Very bold flavors that I thoroughly enjoyed (even my mother-in-law was raving about it). Give it a try if you are a fan of licorice or you just want to try something different 🙂

As usual, pictures below…






Juice Journey: Day Four

Yes! Day Four. Which means, three more days until I complete the juicing process.

Today is a little better than yesterday. I’m in a lot of pain still, but, I can’t give up now 🙂

I didn’t get a chance to go to the grocery yesterday, But I’m thinking that over the weekend I may want to go to a gourmet shop to get some goodies.

I saw a particular recipe that I really want to try and I hope I get too.

Today I just decided to combine random veggies just to see what it’ll taste like.

So…I used Carrots, Beets, Apples, Lime, Celery, Cucumber and Chili pepper. Yes, I said Chili Pepper. If you know me you would know that I love spicy food and today I kinda missed it.

So that’s when I decided to include the pepper into the drink. I have to say it tasted like liquid chow 😀 I am really satisfied with this drink.

I was googling to see other recipes with peppers and I came across this recipe with Jalapenos. I HAVE to try that!

Anyway,  enough of me blabbering. The pictures are below. Enjoy! 🙂





Pepper on the top.

Pepper on the top.

Juice Journey: Day Three

Hello again,

Today is day three. Yesterday was pretty bad, this morning even worst.

Sometimes I despise being a woman. Especially when it’s the end of the month. (If you catch my drift)

I am in a lot of pain today, I took some medication this morning so hopefully that helps. I wanted to do something fruity today, but, I guess when I feel better.

Today I did a simple recipe. I used Carrots, Beets, Apples and a mango. I’m actually sipping on it as I type :D.

I’m not really a fan of ripe mangoes, but it tastes so GOOD in this drink. Highly recommend this combination if you haven’t tried it before.

Hopefully tomorrow I would be a bit more creative 😦

Say what I made it to day three! That is progress. Have an awesome day 🙂

Yup. That's how I'm feeling today.

Yup. That’s how I’m feeling today.


Carrots, Mango, Beets and Apples.

Carrots, Mango, Beets and Apples.

Breakfast :)

Breakfast 🙂

Juice Journey: Day Two


So today is day two, I survived day one thank God!

Day one was good apart from the headaches, which are pretty normal because my body is still adapting to the change in eating habits.

Yesterday afternoon I began feeling pretty hungry and weak, luckily I was spoiled by my husband he steamed some vegetables for me. That was the BEST veggies ever! (Thanks babe)

So this morning, I got up at around 6:30 am still excited as I was the day before, I cooked meals both yesterday and today without feeling to devour it. So I think that is progress. My body is slowly adapting to the changes and I welcome it with open arms. 🙂

This morning I used Spinach, Cucumber, Carrots, Green Apples and Lime. Yes, I said lime. For people who love tangy fruits/food etc. I strongly recommend combining these ingredients.

I wouldn’t say the lime is overpowering, but, you can taste it. It adds a great balance to this drink.

Just want to say a special thank you to my friends and family who encourage me everyday to keep pressing on. Love you guys! 😀

So enough of me talking, here are the pics.

Spinach, Carrots, Lime, Cucumber and Apples

All washed and ready to be juiced

All washed and ready to be juiced

Ready to be consumed


Juice Journey: Day 1


So today is day one of my juice cleanse. I woke up this morning excited! I got up at around 5:45 am and prepared food for my husband and I wasn’t drooling over it. Usually I have a cup of tea in the morning and I didn’t miss that at all, I really hope that this enthusiasm  continues for the next seven days. Lol.

So for breakfast this morning I decided to make a blend of Carrots, Green Apples, Celery and Beets. It sounds like a pretty weird combination but, actually tastes really wonderful. As promised pictures below. Enjoy 🙂

Apple, Carrots, Celery and Half of a beet.

Apple, Carrots, Celery and Half of a beet. Be sure to thoroughly wash and clean vegetables before juicing.

Ready to be Juiced
Ready to be Juiced

Finished Product
Finished Product. (I drank some 😛 )



A new journey


So, it has been quite a while since I have posted here. My time away has given me a lot of insight into what I wanted to do, in terms of my lifelong goals, my passion etc.

Dieting and exercising has been one of my greatest struggles in life, I always dive into it with confidence and determination and somewhere along the way I get thrown off by something. I started the Power 90 program with the hopes of exercising consistently every day for 90 days. I attempted it before but only made it to 15 days (Shameful, I know). This time I went until day 37, I got the flu and was unable to exercise for about two weeks.

After I got better, I lost the determination I started off with, it didn’t make sense to me to just pick up where I left off. I started eating whatever, whenever. And I slowly began heading down the road of depression once more.

I have been trying lots of diets and exercise programs and I always want to see results instantly and I guess that is where I fall short. Looking at other people’s progress they usually take a year before they see drastic changes and about 3-4 years to accomplish their goals and here I am after a week waiting to see a fitness model appear.

One thing I have learned with this whole “diet” thing is that your health is your MAIN priority. The look that you want will come eventually but your primary focus should always be your health. This is easier said than done trust me.

So, over the past few weeks while I was off my exercise routine and eating like I don’t want too, I had some time to think. I thought about the fact that there is a possibility of me getting cancer as it is prominent in my family, I thought about my husband and how my diet and lifestyle could affect him etc. My husband and I began having conversations about my diet and exercise and what should be the right one for me and we decided that I should try Cyclical Ketogenic Diet. CKD is a high fat, high protein diet where basically you eat fat to burn fat. You are allowed ONE carb day on the weekend. I wouldn’t go too much in detail about this, maybe in the next blog.

Anyway, I decided that before I start CKD I wanted to go on a one week juice detox. So, starting on Monday 24th June I would be consuming no food, just juiced fruits and vegetables. Each day I would be posting the juices I made and the combinations I used so if ever you wanted to try a liquid detox you can use some of my weird concoctions.

For those of you that aren’t aware as to what it is, Juicing is basically extracting the liquids from fruits or vegetables. This can be done using a Juicer.  I will post all the benefits and what each vegetable combinations can do for your organs.

So, on Monday I would be posting day one and I would try to take as many pictures as possible to share with you all.

I also, want to take time to mention how supportive my husband has been throughout this journey. For listening to my complaining, for encouraging me always, holding me when I cry and being an inspiration to me. Thank you Wayne, I love you!


Wish me luck, I hope this time I make it to the end!