Pizza Frittata with a twist


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In keeping with my posting regularly I decided to post a dinner that my husband recently made for me. I was so excited to post this recipe and to show the few pictures that I took, because I just wanted to dive into the meal!

This dish was absolutely heavenly!!! The best part about this dish is that it is Gluten Free and perfect for someone who is sensitive to Gluten, like me 🙂

My husband got this recipe from another blog that we follow called Peace, Love and Low Carb. You can check them out if you so desire.

Now, on to the recipe itself, in the caption you saw Pizza Frittata with a twist. The only “twist” there is, is the fact that my husband used ground minced beef and less eggs in the recipe. He used the ground beef to add more protein to the meal. I would be posting the recipe that he used for his creation and if you’re not really a fan of the added meat you can click here for the original recipe.


10 Eggs
2 Cloves Garlic – Minced
¼ Cup Pizza Sauce
½ Cup Parmesan Cheese (Grated)
½ Cup Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded)
3 oz. Lean Select Streaky Bacon
2 oz. Peppercorn Salami
3 oz. Onion  Diced, Divided
2 oz. Yellow Bell Pepper  Diced, Divided
2 oz. Red Bell Pepper  Diced, Divided
2 oz. Mushrooms Thinly Sliced, Divided
2 Tbs.Chopped Olives
8 oz. Ground Beef 93% Lean/7% 


Preheat oven to 400°

Crack eggs into a large mixing bowl and fork whisk.  Mix in garlic, pizza sauce, Parmesan cheese and ¼ cup mozzarella cheese.

Chop up half of the bacon and peppercorn salami.  Mix into eggs.

Heat a large, oven proof skillet over medium heat.  To the skillet (We used the pan with the bacon grease to sauté, that way we didn’t need to use any oil) add half of the onion, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, and mushrooms. Sauté until tender.  Mix into eggs.

Pour egg mixture into skillet and stir.  When eggs start to firm up and set on the bottom and the sides, transfer skillet to the oven.  Bake 10 minutes.

Remove skillet from oven, top with remaining mozzarella cheese,  bacon, peppercorn, onion, red bell peppers, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and black olives. (This is the part where my husband got burned pretty badly, he held the pan without a mitten forgetting that it wasn’t cool enough to be handled bare-handed. Please be careful!)

Return to oven and bake 5-10 additional minutes.

Makes: 6 Servings

Per Serving: 
Calories – 302
Carbs – 4 g 
Protein – 28 g
Fat – 20 g
Now, that you’ve gotten the ingredients and directions I hope that you give this recipe a try.
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Toppings Prepped


Toppings being added


Finished product


Perfectly sliced