Juice Journey: Day 6

Hello friends!

Yes, I know I missed day 5. Reason being that I did one of the recipes over as I didn’t get the chance to purchase my ingredients.

However, this morning I got the chance to visit one of the gourmet shops here. I got my goodies and I am all set for today and tomorrow’s juicing.

So anyway, while doing my research on juicing and recipes. I came across a recipe using Apples, Ginger, Peppermint and Fennel.

Being a fan of Licorice I instantly wanted to try this recipe. Fennel in case you aren’t aware smells just like licorice or anise.

Fennel has similar flavoring compounds as the plant  they extract  juice from to make licorice.

So, enough of that whole back story on Fennel.

The drink was magnificent! Very bold flavors that I thoroughly enjoyed (even my mother-in-law was raving about it). Give it a try if you are a fan of licorice or you just want to try something different 🙂

As usual, pictures below…






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