A new beginning…

Hey all!

My name is Stephanie, I am a wife, Lover of God and generally a person that loves good, clean fun. This is my first attempt at Blogging.

I decided to start Blogging because, My husband and I are Currently trying out the If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) diet plan with Intermittent fasting, as well as the Reverse Pyramid Training programme. I really wanted to do share what we’ve been doing and the progress we’ve made. Most importantly, the recipes! 

A lot of our friends and family see our food and tell us “Is that really healthy?” Lol. My wish is to encourage others and help them see that dieting can be fun! 

Starting from next week, I’ll be sharing the recipes we use (with pictures of course) 

I look forward to sharing with you and appreciate any questions and feedback 🙂


In case you don’t know about the Diet, Fasting or Training plan here’s some links to educate you a bit more! 




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